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If theres something you like, ask your bartender if it would be included. Thanks again or reading. Im trying to find out how much Ill drink. Those last 3 Days. I think you are referencing Michaels Club. I Took a Northern Lights Cruise Heres What I Packed (Clothes, Accessories & More). Thanks Tomas. The Celebrity Cruises Drink Package gets you the best value on your favorite drinks. There are overall service charges on the ship, between $13-$15 a day, per person, depending on your cabin category. If you look at the menus our friend Gambee has on his site, most 12 oz beers are priced under $9, so they are probably included. Still could not pay for drink package but enough promotions out there to get it for free. Have a great cruise this month! Prices are not inclusive of the 18% gratuity. Conducted by highly-trained sommeliers, the seminar includes the opportunity to savor4different varietals from asuperb collection of Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon,Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and their matching stemware. Thanks for reading and the question. All Included is applicable to all stateroom categories including The Retreat. Emma Cruises Ltd is also a participant in other affiliate programs. Very useful. Michael's Club -- on Celebrity Eclipse, Infinity, Equinox, Millennium, Reflection, Summit, Silhouette, Solstice and Constellation -- also has a sizeable list of craft beers for passengers to. Packages are sold on a "per cruise" basis. When booking a Celebrity cruise, guests now have the option of a Cruise Only or All Included rate. When consumed in the ship's restaurants or bars (any dining venues), each bottle is subject to a corkage fee of US $25 (added to passenger's onboard account). Used or not? I feel it usually pays for itself. So, the cheapest a $24 beer would be is $12.65 ($11 dollars plus gratuities). But I know for myself. If you prefer wine with your eats, our wine list presents an impressive selection by the glass or bottle. I have a few queries regarding how the beverage package works. Bringing wine or champagne on board is allowed. What you owe depends on the promotion. I Took a Traditional British Cruise with Fred Olsen (Entertainment, Food & Ship Review). Starting with your onboard credit ($350). and can I use my credit for all of those tips ? Hi I would like to know is sparkling wine is Prosseco covered in the Classic package please, as it does say that white red and sparkling wines are, but I just wondered if this is so as normally Prosseco is around 11 dollars. When booking a Celebrity cruise, you dont receive any drink package with the cruise only fare. Thanks Robert! If you are on a drink package, cans of soda are NOT included-you get soda from the soda gun from a bar. I suspect if it were just me and my husband, wed do some longer excursions or just time in port. If you purchase a Celebrity Cruise drink package, you are entitled to as many non-alcoholic AND alcoholic drinks as you want. Thank you for the very detailed and helpful post! Frozen Daquiri I had both Strawberry and Banana daiquiris onboard and they were SO YUMMY. During breakfast there are also juices available in large containers. We have cruised 30+ times but this is the first time we have had one of these packages. Even if all the line'scriteria are met, the ship's personnel may decideand have the option to not grant any drinking privileges. Hi MeredithThanks for reading the post. Also, I often play dino game just to have fun. I have read this is no so with the classic package? Heres a link to the Beverage Package page for Celebrity:¤cyCode=USD. Yes, you are correct the drink package is much more than just alcohol; lattes, vitamin water, and other premium non-alcoholic drinks. Celebrity Cruises currently use Coke products, not Pepsi. The Celebrity Eclipse Bars provide plenty of drink options for all types of travelers. The soda package wentfrom $8 to $9; the water package wasincreased to $18 from $16. Discrimination against drinker/non drinker. Im wondering if any of the packages would include drinks that are in your staterooms mini bar, or if the packages are exclusively for bar and restaurant use. From a martini bar to an adult frozen slush venue and a wine bar, there are plenty of specialty drinks to be had The Celebrity Eclipse Bars provide plenty of drink options for all types of travelers. Choose from selections such as boutique Italian Super Tuscan and French Grand Cru wines. I have a question. To double check, you may want to call Celebrity Cruises. Hi Michael. Pay just one price to enjoy a wide variety of beverage choices such as premium coffees, bottled water, wines-by-the-glass, beers, or your favorite cocktails. Seems unfair. The average alcoholic drink on a cruise costs about $8. Interesting question Vipul. Thanks for your help! Have a great cruise. Those who violate any of the Celebrity Cruises alcohol policy rules (provide alcohol to people under age 21, over-consume, demonstrate irresponsible behavior, attempt to conceal alcohol at security or luggage checkpoints), maybe not allowed to board or will be disembarked at their own expense. Also, having the ability to order a BIG bottle of San Pellegrino to bring back to the room etcis a plus. Monin Watermelon, Pineapple Juice and Fresh Lime Juice, Monin Strawberry and Banana with Soda Water, Fresh Lemon Juice, Mint, Agave Nectar, Soda Water, Red Bull, Margarita Mix, Agave Nectar, Strawberry Pure, Sugar Free Red Bull, Cucumber, Mint, Simple Syrup, Red Bull (Red Edition), Orange Juice, Agave Nectar, Grenadine, Original, Sugarfree, Cranberry Edition, Blueberry Edition, Power-C Dragonfruit, XXX Aai-Blueberry-Pomegranate, Zero Rise Orange, Zero Squeezed Lemonade, Book it List Event 75% off 2nd Guest + Savings. Hi Alison, For our Alaskan cruise, we actually spent more time at the ports, as our excursions tended to be longer and it was our first time in Alaska. I am not a cruise person but guess its the only way to see Alaska. I have been researching what exactly is included and it is a little vague is: coffees but not including lattes? Celebrity permits you to bring two bottles of wine on board the ship-according to the FAQ on their website. Receive a $10 coupon toward Celebrity's Riedel Comparative Wine Glass Workshop (two per package). Get expert advice, insider tips and more. For most ports of call, you are probably there about 8-10 hours, arriving around 8am or 9am and due back on the ship around 4pm or 5pm. But, more on that a bit later. When considering this question, you will want to examine the cost for such included amenities. Hope this helps. I upgraded to the premium package on all the the trips. Hi Alison. Of course, staff do have the right to refuse you bar service if you are intoxicated. For example, an ocean-view accommodation includes classic drinks package of wines, house beers, soft drinks, and cocktails. In our experiences, Specialty coffees included on the Premium Packages are drinks like Mochas, Lattes, and other espresso drinks you can get from the restaurants or bakeries on board. I have brewed beer off and on for over 30 years and know a fresh beer from one that has been compromised. Celebrity Cruises may refuse to serve alcohol (or further alcohol) to a passengerwho is likely (in their opinion) to be a nuisanceordanger to him/herself, other guests or the ship. This package includes premium bottled water from Evian, Perrier, San Pellegrino, & Panna, Specialty Coffees & Organic Teas, Red Bull Energy Drinks, Frozen Smoothies, Zero Proof Cocktails, Coca-Cola selections, Vitamin Water, and Bottled Iced Teas. Great question. Thanks for you time, hope you can help! This package includes all beers, cocktails, top-shelf liquor, and wines by the glass up to $15 per drink. 19952023, The Independent Traveler, Inc. .css-18jw8gc{-webkit-appearance:none;-moz-appearance:none;-ms-appearance:none;appearance:none;-webkit-align-items:center;-webkit-box-align:center;-ms-flex-align:center;align-items:center;-webkit-box-pack:center;-ms-flex-pack:center;-webkit-justify-content:center;justify-content:center;-webkit-user-select:none;-moz-user-select:none;-ms-user-select:none;user-select:none;position:relative;white-space:nowrap;vertical-align:middle;outline:2px solid transparent;outline-offset:2px;line-height:1.2;border-radius:var(--chakra-radii-md);transition-property:var(--chakra-transition-property-common);transition-duration:var(--chakra-transition-duration-normal);height:auto;min-width:var(--chakra-sizes-10);font-size:var(--chakra-fontSizes-md);background:none;border:0;color:black;display:inline;margin:0px;padding:0!important;font-family:var(--chakra-fonts-Roboto);font-weight:500;padding-top:0.625rem;padding-bottom:0.625rem;-webkit-padding-start:1rem;padding-inline-start:1rem;-webkit-padding-end:1rem;padding-inline-end:1rem;}.css-18jw8gc:focus-visible,.css-18jw8gc[data-focus-visible]{box-shadow:var(--chakra-shadows-outline);}.css-18jw8gc:disabled,.css-18jw8gc[disabled],.css-18jw8gc[aria-disabled=true],.css-18jw8gc[data-disabled]{opacity:0.4;cursor:not-allowed;box-shadow:var(--chakra-shadows-none);}.css-18jw8gc:active,.css-18jw8gc[data-active]{border:var(--chakra-borders-none);background:none;}.css-18jw8gc:hover,.css-18jw8gc[data-hover]{border:var(--chakra-borders-none);background:none;}.css-18jw8gc:focus,.css-18jw8gc[data-focus]{border:var(--chakra-borders-none);outline:2px solid transparent;outline-offset:2px;box-shadow:var(--chakra-shadows-none);}Cookie Consent, 7 Things You Can Only Do on Carnival Vista, Top 10 Things We Love About P&O Cruises' Ventura, Solstice vs. Millennium Class on Celebrity Cruises, 5 Things You'll Love About Carnival Horizon, Gastrobar on Celebrity Equinox (Photo: Cruise Critic). Im looking at the package list on the Celebrity website right now and it says: Packages are sold on a per cruise basis, are not sold on a per day or any other basis, and no refunds will be issued for unused amounts. Hi.. Its a great article that you have done. The "Martini Bar" and "Crush Bar" host caviar and vodka tastings at stylish, ice-filled tables. The All Included rate includes (for most stateroom categories) the Classic Beverage Package, a Basic WiFi package, and gratuities. So, in the name of research, we set off to sample each bar and drink menu. BOOK NOW: Exclusive Rates on Celebrity Cruises! Ultimately, you need to know your own habits to determine if the drink packages on Celebrity Cruises will be a good value during your cruise. Another tip In El Baccio you can order a special coffeee and a side drink of say Amerrato or Sambucca and this covered by the premium package. This also applies when upgrading your drink package from the Classic to the Premium. Includes a sophisticated collection of brands:Beefeater, Captain Morgan,Seagram's, and more. This brings us back to the original question. So, for two people, on a 7 day cruise, the gratuity is around $200. Looking forward to it..Cheers!. I was wondering what the sparkling wine/champagne is. You are better off paying the $10-$12 a night for that drink and then paying the $20 (plus service fee) for the non-alcoholic premium to get the lattes and bottled waters. I get a premium package. We normally cruise RCCL but going on this cruise for mom and dads 50th anniversary. Free Champagne at Artist Auctions. Look for Celebrity'swine exposition on embarkation day to purchase thepackage. Thanks for reading. So if you dont drink any alcohol but already have the Classic Drink package One Premium Frozen Daiquiri, Please. Thanks for reading the blog and reaching out. Hi Anna, Good morning, yes the beverage package came with a supposed great deal through a travel Im finding out that this is a perk that Celebrity gives..oh wellanyway, thanks for the quick response. Follow along as we share our travel tips, cruise reviews, information on ports of call, and the latest cruise news to help you plan the ultimate cruise vacation. I am referring to cruises up to end of 2014 I hope it still applies I will be finding out later this year! The Zero Proof Drink package is priced at $30 per person, per day. We found the Premium drink to a great value and would definitely do it again. I have used the premium package 4 times. Bars and lounges do get busy on cruise ships, but whether you have the package or not will not affect your experience. So off to Caffe Lattitudes I went. Celebrity Cruises Solstice-class ships (Solstice, Eclipse, Equinox, Reflection, and Silhouette) feature several specialty bars each. Pouring jet-black under a small tan head it has the oaky taste of barrel-staves giving smokey whisky and chocolate notes. If a guest receives a wine bottle purchased from the Celebrity selection "Bon Voyage Gift", then no corkage fee is applied if the wine is enjoyed in any public area. If you wish to bring your personal wine with you on the boarding/embarkation day, you may do so, but limited to two bottles of 750ml per stateroom. Bud Light. Are you sure the cappuccinos/lattes/premium coffees are not included in the classic package. Know, that Celebrity Cruises beveragepolicyis always subject tochange without notice. The premium beverage package wentfrom $59 to $65. Let me know if you have any other questions. The so called drinks packages are also of buyer beware as over the limits and other charges can be added. With a purchase of aPremium Package, guests benefit froma 20% discount on all wines by the bottle boughton board, eventhe Celebrity prized Rare Wine and Reserve Wine lists. All Included pricing applies to sailings booked and departing on or after January 09, 2023. Im assuming so. lol). One thought, could we take our HydroFlask on the ship and just fill up with water as needed? Given your description, the drink package may not be a good option for you. The guest will be required to appear at Guest Relations Desk with a parent or guardian, presenting a government-issued form of identification in order to establish that his/her 21st birthday was celebrated during the voyage. These selections include specialty coffees & teas, craft & artisan beers, spirits, cocktails, frozen drinks, Coca-Cola products, premium bottled water, and wines by the glass up to $17. Appreciate the comment. You will usually save money by purchasing pre-cruise. We are sailing on the Silhouette in a few weeks and understand they have a new Beer Bar containing lots of Craft Beers do you know if the Premium Package would cover these beers in that bar? Someone already made part of the point above but if I recall with the Premium Beverage Package you only have to pay the difference from the covered amount. Those drinks costs about $4.50, without gratuity, so you need to decide if you would drink enough of them to be worth the upgrade. Have a great cruise. NOTE: The list of craft beers found at "Michael's Club" is currently at Cellar Masters on all Celebrity ships excepting Equinox (there they are to be found in the "Gastrobar"). Do they give a card or something for you to use at various facilities. Unfortunately, we do not have any of the bar menus from our cruise that lists prices for bottles of wine. Your name does appear on the card, and when swiped a picture of you appears on the bartenders computer, so you are protected if your card falls into the wrong hands. Kronenbourg 1664. In addition to Coca Cola cans and fountain soda selections such asCoke Zero, Diet Coke, Coke, SpriteandFanta Orange, guests may also enjoy bottled and fresh juices, non-premium bottled water, premium teas and coffees. I knew I had made the right choice. However, with the Go Best, you are covered on all fronts. Question, if you purchase a classic package and you want a drink that is outside the price range of the package, do you pay the entire cost of the drink or just the remainder of the cost? Hey we were on the same cruise, as I was also on Quantum of the Seas when you posted that. Glad we could help you with your decision. Thanks for the question. Does that mean at the end of the cruise, there will be a 15% gratuity of total cost of all beverages consumed, in addition to the suggested $12 per person per day? Looking forward to it. Michelle, Columbia Valley, Merlot, Columbia Crest, Grand Estates, Columbia Valley, KENDALL JACKSON ELEGANCE PRIVATE LABEL FOR CELEBRITY CRUISES. I really enjoyed the ultimate package on that cruise, especially as the drinks were more expensive than they had been on my previous Royal Caribbean cruises. What can kids drink on the ship, now that there is no kids drink package? Celebrity is a great company, and we had an amazing time on Celebrity Solstice, what ship are you sailing on in May? Celebrity customer service said regular size but were skeptical given the $2.00 price tag (we expected much more for a regular size). Every night at the MDR, My waiter had a Mocha waiting for me. With the Classic Beverage Package there is no offset if it isnt covered under the classic then you pay full price. This is also the drink package you will get if you opt to upgrade to the All Included price. Given your description, the drink package may not be a good option for you. In compliance with such regulations, the Celebrity line posed careful check control through all guests luggage during embarkation. From August 2022 Travel + Leisure, published by TI Inc. Wasnt that a great cruise? Just to upfate my last post regarding the drink allowance on the premium package If you look at the max. A soft orange hue gives way to a creamy, rich head, revealing the aromas of bready malts and dried fruit. A free beverage package is the best kind! Hello! Call to plan a cruise: 1-833-GO-TO-SEA with a cruise advisor Launched in April 2022, Celebrity Beyond is the third ship in the cruise line's Edge Series, capable of holding up to 3,260 passengers . Are gratuities and service charges the same thing? ALL guests of legal drinking age in the same stateroom must purchase the Celebrity Cruise drink package. It may not be for everyone, but we think it is a great value for many! Tap water is available at bars throughout the ship. How much should I save of that credit for those tips ? However, they charge this fee prior to sailing. Seems very expensive in euros compared with dollar prices! Save up to 16% when booking prior to cruise. Riesling, Chateau Ste. This is when purchasing a Celebrity cruise drink package might come in handy. Great comments here. Ten dollars for the package and 1.15 for gratuity. This allotment covers basically all 16 oz beers on the ship and a selection of basic red and white wines at the onboard restaurants and bars. We are not big wine drinkers, but yes your selection is much wider with the Premium package. If you are given an included drink package, you do not need to pay the service charge. Yes and no. So, the final question in this analysis is whether it is worth upgrading to the Celebrity Cruises All Included package. Additionally, you can pay to upgrade the Basic WiFi to a Premium WiFi package ($15 per person, per day). If your husbands drink consumption is not that great, than a package is probably not right for him. He is a spirit drinker. All beverage packages are priced as per person, per day. Beer, wine by the glass, soft drinks, premium teas, and a variety of spirits are included. A range of mixers are available. Yes, that does vary depending on your particular cruise, but these are general guidelines. Next are listed bar menu prices on beverages served shipboard. NOTE: Any package must be pre-booked at least four days before the sail date. Great article thank you. This can vary depending on the type of cruise and the length of the cruise. Thanks for reading! There may be other drinks which are included in the cruise fare and not listed in the list below. Where everything is designed to provide an unparalleled Relaxed Luxury sm resort at sea experience. Visiting from {country-flag} {country-name}? On RCCL Majesty in September. From the autumn of 2015, Celebrity Cruises has adopted a new, all-inclusive pricing policy on selected sailings. We have heard of the smaller 5oz versions for other drinks, but those too are often made with well liquors. Imperial, Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Light, Coors Light, Miller Light, O'Douls Non-Alcoholic, Amstel Light, Heineken, Labatt's Samuel Adams, Corona, Carlsberg, Beck's, Red Stripe, Buckler Non-Alcoholic, San Pellegrino 8 oz, Perrier 11 oz, Evian 11 oz, Colin, Brut, Grand Cru, Blanc de Blanc, Cramant, Moncuit, Brut, Grand Cru, Blanc de Blanc, Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Mandois, Cuve Celebrity, Brut, Premier Cru, Grande Rserve, Pierry, Nicolas Feuillate, Blanc de Blanc, Epernay, Mandois, Cuve Celebrity, Brut Ros, Premier Cru, Grand Resrve, Pierry, Chablis, Premier Cru, Joseph Drouhin, Burgundy, Chardonnay, Casa Lapostolle, Cuve Alexandre, Colchagua Valley, Fume Blanc, Murphy Goode, Alexander Valley, Sauvignon Blanc, Brancott, Reserve, Marlborough, Riesling, Leasingham, Bin 7, Clare Valley, Tocai Fruliano, La Roncaia, Fantinel, Colli Orientali del Friuli, Ros, Jean Luc Colombo, Cte Bleue, Provence, Barbera DAlba, Alfredo Prunotto, Piedmont, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sequoia Grove, Napa Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon, Stonestreet, Alexander Valley, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Mont Redon, Rhne Valley, Pinot Noir, Benton Lane, Willamette Valley, Shiraz, Greg Norman Estates, Limestone Coast, South Australia, Super Tuscan, Tenuta di Arceno, Prima Voce, Tuscany, Tannat Blend, Bodega Juanic, Preludio, Juanico, Riesling, Pacific Rim, Washington (375ml), Tokay, Chambers, Rutherglen, Australia (375ml), Vin Santo, Chianti Classico, Marchesi Antinori, Tuscany. Draught:Amstel Light andHeineken are available at most Celebrity restaurants. Celebrity Cruises 'Always Included' Classic Drinks List (Beer, Wine, and Cocktails) All Celebrity cruises include tips, WiFi, and drinks as standard. (Since I got the classic package included, Ill be upgrading to the premium with OBC, I got too spoiled with having the equivalent package on Quantum. Glad you found the article informative. Arranging for Celebrity beverage packages before boarding is a good idea so guests can use it the moment they step onboard. There should be no additional costs you have to pay. So, if the drink package is $49 a day, the acatually pay a total of 56.35 per day with the additional 15%. Stay in a hotel and the published rate includes all charges, service or otherwise, so how is this any different. Were sailing on the Solstice to Alaska in June. 2023 Celebrity Cruises, Inc. Now, the final thing you need to consider when deciding if a Celebrity Cruise drink package is right for you is the new All Included package. Do you think its worth upgrading the to All Included package? Should I somehow switch my drink package??? Heineken. Guests can also upgrade once onboard the ship for a cost of $24 per person, per day. Yes, with the Classic package if a drink is not covered you need to pay the entire cost, not just the difference. Im curious about the sauvignon blancs and pinot grigios available on the drink packages. Dollar for dollar, I think going with the Classic Beverage package is probably the best move. and will dispose of those holding alcohol without any compensation given. I am glad you found the review useful. Additionally, beverage packages are not available on cruises in the Galapagos. Based on current pricing, that would $11.80, per person, per day (the $10 difference plus 18% service). Hi Pauline. Choose from Celebrity's entire selection of premium cocktails, top-shelf spirits, wines-by-the-glass, and fine craft beers, up to $13.00 per serving. And this is the first time I have heard of the $14/per day service charge for other services. Can you please let me know if they are now included in classic? As for time on shore, that really depends on the itinerary and your travel preferences. Has been awarded the title of Best Beer in the World several times. It is a 14 day cruise. So Im going on my first Alaskan cruise in May (2016) and we signed up for the Go Best program. Hi Dave, sounds like a great cruise! can you just buy a few days on the adult drink package? Watching our Niece and Nephew. The currentCelebrity Cruises alcohol policy ensures the line's security and health standards. Your email address will not be published. The answer is none unless you opt for the All Included price when booking your cruise. Hi Vipul, thanks for reading. As mentioned previously, you can pay to upgrade your Classic Beverage Package to a Premium Beverage Package if you opt for this All Included pricing ($24 per person, per day). Hi.. Id love some guidance please. All wines are poured into each glass to illustrate how the flavors and aromas of the wine change from glass to glass. One negative aspect of the free drinks pacgages is that the waiting time has increased at the bars This is inevitable due to the popularity of these pacgages. On the Premium Package, the most they would credit you would be $13. Also there is some weird rules (or use to be) about certain alcoholic drinks in the coffee shop being covered under the premium but not being covered under the classic as they are considered specialty coffee drinks or something. Also choose from a list of mixers, including Ginger Ale, Coca-Cola products, tonic water or juices. If you received the Classic package complimentary, there will be no additional charges once onboard (i.e., you will not have to pay a service charge). Cruise lines wont tell you this, but I will. Hello ! Hi Leona Glad you enjoyed the post. Happy Sailing. At meals, juices and other select drinks, like iced-tea or lemonade, are available. On sailings with Celebrity, beer is a staple on all ships. An icon placed on the SeaPass Card indicates participation in the Riedel Wine Glass Comparative Workshop. I certainly do not like the prospect of boarding a $300/per person/per night cruise only to find that there are a whole bundle of extra charges added that I have no say in. Note: Menus are samples and are subject to change by season, ship and itinerary. Note: Menus are samples and are subject to change by season, ship and itinerary. Hi Elaine, Im very interested in those Martinis in Ice Bar should I upgrade? The 18 to 20-year-old must agree to comply with Celebrity policies, including to not provide alcohol to any other person, regardless of age. Looking forward to your report and breakdown. This FREE guide shows you everything you need to know to find your perfect cruise line. Also please note that Michaels Clubs have been revamped into VIP lounges for certain suite guests and higher level Captains Club members only. Further, we never have to worry about the bar tab at the end of the cruise! So it is compulsory but at least its done and settled. This pricing structure does come with a number of perks including a Classic beverage package. Select 3/more bottles at $75/more each to receive savings of 15%.

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