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I have a modest collection, and can afford to spend probably $50 at the moment for additional improvements. There used to be very few ninjas with that low of a ninjutsu cost, so he made the cut on that alone. However, the card that I was most excited to find was Unnatural Selection. With Yuriko then, not only do we have a commander who works well, but one who is perfectly tailored to using ninjas effectively. Ninjas prefer to strike when no one is expecting it after all! I'd really like to have a battle-cruiser, mid-, and high-level, trio of combat centered decks with unique approaches to how they win. In my meta, if your deck relies heavily on your commander, and your commander is a primary target, you won't be doing much of anything. Finally! Primer edh1.10 ~ Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow ~ Ninja ~ Budget EDH. It's rare for me to get excited about a non-green strategy. We'd also like a way to make all of our creatures, including enablers and tokens, into ninjas, which is why we are running Arcane Adaptation, Conspiracy, and Maskwood Nexus. Personally, I like to play to win, and love to optimize every deck that I play. The other brilliant thing about Yuriko is that she takes one of the downsides of ninjas, namely, their overcosted cmcs, and turns them into direct damage to all of our opponents. The owner of Study didn't even get to do anything with the extra cards because everyone hated on them so much! At one point, cards like Thassa, God of the Sea were included in this list, but as I whittled the deck down, I began to realize that focusing on an "Edric" style of attack would likely be the best course of action. It is yuriko but with lots of Ninjas. In a deck where everything is evasive, any amount of extra buff is worth our attention, and this is one of our better options. We can play them at any point in the game without losing tempo, and if we play one on turn 2 it will actually save us from needing to discard a card to max hand size! The first was called Unblockable, which included creatures such as Gudul Lurker and Mist-Cloaked Herald. Lastly, Hope of Ghirapur can lock an opponent out of the game if we're concerned about one player in particular. Yuriko doesn't need a lot to be really really good - I've got a deck tech and primer here on a lower-budget build. Luckily for us, Yuriko already does a really good job of ensuring that we draw lots of cards, but blue and black have the best options for card draw, and I think it would be wasteful not to take advantage. Ertai Planeswalker. Based on the title of the article alone, I've spoiled the surprise. That primer was my first real exposure to cEDH thinking and got me really excited to play the format. These cards are great because they not only provide great value throughout the course of the game, but can help us to finish well also. However, my playgroup is particularly hostile to Rhystic Study. Like I was saying earlier, extra turn spells are effectively used as extra combat steps. I really like how Clones scale in this deck. Given that one of my primary issues with Vela was her cost, I began searching around for other commanders that might be successful with a similar strategy. This annoying message will go away once you do. This will allow us to ninjutsu our other ninjas onto the battlefield, and more importantly, get Yuriko back ASAP if she is destroyed. I think there are some obvious switches I could make, like [[fierce guardianship]] instead of [[cancel]], but I have a habit of getting pie eyed over good stuff cards. Our solution to disruption and combos is counterspells. I've recently made a Twitter account @theKnowledgePL, and I'm planning to update it with whatever I'm working on next. Yuriko Hishimi ( , Hishimi Yuriko, born June 10, 1947 in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese actress. Okay, so realistically, we don't have any creatures that qualify as "Fatties," at least not as much as I'm used to when playing green. We want these to be evasive so that they are unblocked, and low cmc so we can get them out early to enable our ninjas, and then redeploy them the same turn if possible to use them to enable still more ninjas. 2023-03-20 . It's also worth noting that we can activate Witch politically as well, buffing our opponents as they attack each other. Yuriko's abilities also mean provide a few other guidelines to us. Beyond these, our one-drops are mostly included to pester our opponents and enable Yuriko. )Also Demonic Consultation and Tetsuko Umezawa are cards that show up most of the times. It's another copy of the original Sakashima the Impostor and Spark Double, but it also let's Sakashima's Student become a Yuriko clone, and thus has an additional upside. This week we're taking a look at Yuriko in cEDH!MOXFIELD - DECKLIST - I'm excited to try out Larceny because it should have devastating implications for our opponent's plans, and I imagine we'll often be leaving them without many options to combat us. They're especially important when playing Yuriko since our game plan relies on dealing combat damage to our opponents, so clearing a blocker is a big deal. However, for us, the tutors that put cards on top of our deck have an added utility. This card definitely belongs in the deck, and I even know what to cut for it. This will require TappedOut.js included in your blog. Siren Stormtamer protects our dudes from spot removal. After much testing I am pleased to offer up my Yuriko ninjas list. I'm a Timmy that loves Green, Creatures, and Lands. But we can bounce them to hand if necessary! Ninja Terms of Use | Meekstone shouldn't affect our creatures unless we've played Coat or Door, and if our opponents let us keep an early Meekstone, we will plan to kill our opponents with Yuriko's burn damage. 5cmc cards can usually be cast (especially if they are ninjas, miracle cards, or the like), are less likely to draw aggro, and are more likely to synergize with our game plan. Tabletop; Arena; MTGO; Tabletop Tabletop Arena MTGO. If we can assemble this synergy, we'll have no trouble refilling our hand and racing ahead of our opponents in card advantage. Apparently Krikk has been winning the tournament nearly . lonely sandbar & barren moor, is that cycling good for something? A collection of Magic: The Gathering (MTG) decks from the Competitive Commander (EDH) Format. Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. Temporal Mastery deals 7 damage off Yuriko's trigger, and you can use something like Brainstorm or Scroll Rack to cast it for it's miracle cost later. Card Kingdom: $0.00 TCGplayer: $0.00 Export to Archidekt Export to Moxfield . I didn't go as lean as most competitive Edric decks, and I'm trying to straddle the line between being optimized and 75%. While he'd still be better than Throatseeker because of his damage alone, he still doesn't make the cut. All of these guidelines play to Yuriko's strengths, and will guide how the deck is built. The suite of 8 cards I use here have in my experience been the cream of the crop (Mothdust Changeling, Slither Blade, Wingcrafter, Triton Shorestalker, Changeling Outcast, Mist-Cloaked Herald, Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive, and Dimir Infiltrator). I think this is why I originally put in [[aminatou's augury]]). Mothdust Changeling is here entirely because it's effectively a Ninja without any help. It's a buy in tournament with prize support and as such they are not allowing proxies. Our next round of creatures is a little bit bigger, and offers a bit more utility. If cards like Demonic Tutor are not in your price range, I still think it's worth including tutor effects like Diabolic Tutor. The two most obvious options here are Coastal Piracy and Bident of Thassa.Deepfathom Skulker also fits in this category, although I'm less than enthused by its high cost. First, we can lower our land count slightly. And you're right! Where's the green?" Let's check out what this deck has to offer on the "Fatties" end. Feb. 16, 2022. We want to get Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow out and attacking on turn 2 (or turn 3 at the latest). Morrison103 1 minute ago. You have to discard your cards as part of the cost regardless of whether it resolves or not, and its a huge pain to discard most of your hand only to be countered! Most of them are unblockable, and most of them are 1 cmc, which is what we want as 2cmc feels pretty slow. Luckily, black offers us the best tutors in the game. These interactive ninjas allow us to control the board and maintain our proactive game plan at the same time. There are 2 ways we can do this: One-time use tutors like Vampiric Tutor or repeatable effects like Sensei's Divining Top. However, if Door turns out to be too difficult to activate, I plan to swap in Obelisk of Urd. The MVP of the extra turn category has to be Temporal Trespass: It has the third highest cmc in the whole deck, and I've found myself having enough cards in the graveyard to cast it easily in the late game. This site 2023, LLC Back to Deck List. I originally included cards like Ponder and Preordain as ways to stack the top of our deck, while also giving us a means of digging towards our Ninja enchantments. Discord Server | I know what you're all thinking: "Scot! We need to have a powerful suite of counter magic to back up our ninjas: Casting a counterspell for free is about as good as it gets. A good set of removal spells is essential for any commander deck. For this reason, I chose Arena as my draw spell, but if your meta is more forgiving of Rhystic Study definitely make the swap. Ertai Planeswalker. Propaganda is our other option for protection, and will likely dissuade most opponents from sending attackers in our direction. If the table is ok with playing it, and I manage to flip it, we all cheer and laugh, but ignore it as a simple land and continue play as normal. Support us . So not running it makes a lot of sense as it plays out very clunky. It feels like I should have more removal in this deck, and this is a great option since you can do five of the top while using delve to reduce the cmc when you cast it. This is a subreddit dedicated to playing the Commander format of Magic: The Gathering at the highest power level possible. Sacralifia 1 minute ago. If our opponents have beat each other up enough over the course of the game, we can often win with even a couple of triggers perhaps helped by a timely, Profile of a Ninja: Understanding Yuriko and Ninjutsu, Our Secret Weapon: The Best Card in the Deck, Potential Recruits (Cards I'm considering), Retired Ninjas (Cards I'm not playing and Why). travis hunter hometown, carbon county, wy arrests, feeding america food truck schedule wisconsin,

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