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The crisis of the 1960s, caused by the Caravan Sites Act of 1968 (stopping new private sites being built until 1972), led to the appearance of the "British Gypsy Council" to fight for the rights of the Romani people in Britain. Intriguingly, Saraca is a Romani name that means poor. Travelers often had occupations that allowed them to be mobile, or stay in one spot for some time, but easily relocate. This educational content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. In the gypsy language, Consuleti is a form of Consolata. In Aramaic, it means gazelle. Delicate and fairy-like, Esma is cute enough for your little pixie. Delia is a mythical choice among our female gypsy names, initially used as an alternative title for the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting, Artemis. These nomadic people are very religious as well, identifying as Catholic. 100 Fun Baby Names That Mean Colors (For Your Rainbow Baby), 100 Charming Aesthetic Boy Names (for Artsy Little Boys), 100 Nerdy and Geeky Baby Names (Boys & Girls), 99 Posh Baby Names (With Sophisticated Meanings), 100 Unique Names Meaning Nature (For Your Young Wood Nymph), 100 Strong Tree Names for Baby (With Earthy Meanings), 100 Strong Baby Boy Names That Show Power, 100 Girl Names Considered Sexy, Sultry, and Seductive, 100 Unique Saint Baby Names (That Will Last), 100 Badass Stealth Names (For Your Little Ninja Warrior), 100 Strong Baby Girl Names for Your Little Warrior, 100 Clever Christmas Names (For Your Holiday Baby), 100 Cute Baby Boy Names (for the Cutest Boys Around), 100 Magical Fairy Boy Names (With Enchanted Meanings), 100 Cute Bird Names For Girls & Boys (With Meanings), 100 Super-Cool Names (For Your Trendy Boy or Girl), 99 Unique Girl Names (With Interesting Origins), 100 Classic Old Fashioned Girl Names (With Meanings), Variations: Costas, Gus, Kostakis, Kostis. Most associate the name with Alifair McCoy, a tragic victim of the notorious 19th-century Hatfield-McCoy feud. From the Oxford English Dictionary (second edition, 1989; online version December 2011) Etymology section for the word gipsy: Oxford English Dictionary 2nd Edition 1989. Interestingly, Clarenda and Cliorander are forms of Clarinda. Some 1800s Victorian baby names are coming back in a big way today. Lavinia: Lavinia is a prim and proper gypsy name, dating back to the classical mythology, where it was borne by the wife of Aeneas, the Trojan Hero. Starlina, often shortened to Stari, is a stunning English name inspired by the stars in the sky. Although Philomena has been around for centuries, it first gained public attention in the early 1800s after a tomb of a martyr named Filumena was discovered in Rome. Baseborns are often stated as such, but not always and one should check the format used at this period in the same church. In Romani, Biti can be a version of Beatie or Bitiah. Damian comes from the Greek name Damianos, derived from damazo (to tame). Roma people often choose names for their children that are popular in their country of residence. I would have never guessed that Ostelinda is the Calo form of Mary! Accent diamonds or lesser stones placed into wedding rings are commonly set in this gypsy setting. Z names are all the rage right now, with Zara making the charts in 12 countries in 2021. Others include David and Levi, A male Old Testament name such as Reuben, Isaac or Joseph, Ornamental names such as Morgenbesser (tomorrow [will be] better), Rosenbaum (rose tree), Goldstein (gold stone), and Weinfeld (wine field). Names like Mazillia are variations of Basilia. Naming your little one Liberty could give her the confidence to pursue her own path in life. "Gipsy, gypsy, n.". For the nickname, Flora, Flossie, Flo, and Florrie would be best. You might also enjoy: Names Meaning Poison. Aishe. Truffeni, or in Greek, Tryphena, means softness. Woodlock was initially an Old English surname derived from the personal name Wudlac from wudu (wood) and lac (play, sport). The Romani people are known for building strong ties with other Roma families in their communities. Irinis harmonious meaning and soothing sound will make you feel at ease each time you say your daughters name. Most Romani follow some form of Christian worship. This name can also be spelled Gillie or Gilly. Your little Fennix may be let down, but he will always rise again! Victorian Gypsy Names Enlisted you will see some clever Victorian Gypsy Names: Barsaly Ciba Pajab Martin Kaula Haini Chucarris MERIKANO Mahala Listraba TALAITHA Merripen Yessenia Bandoj Iulian Chachipira Dangerfield Araunya Menowin Lela SHOFRANKA Jevria Alexandra Mitich Monisha Duraia Motshan Asena Begonia Kennick untiv VADOMA Disquer PETSHA 1. Did you know Omi is a nickname for Naomi? In Spanish, the name Candida is used instead. On 1stDibs, find a wide variety of gypsy rings and other jewelry. Victoria: The ultimate Victorian baby name! Today, most Romani Gypsies are of the Christian faith. And similarly, Erosabella is a gypsy version of Rosabella meaning beautiful rose. Its likely derived from either Allovera (all true) or Alfher (elf warrior), both of ancient Germanic origins. [11][12][13], The demonyms of the Romani people, Lom and Dom share the same etymological origin,[14][15] reflecting Sanskrit oma "a man of low caste, living by singing and music"[16][17], The ultimate origin of the Sanskrit term oma (perhaps from Munda or Dravidian) is uncertain. Gypsy settings (also spelled "gipsy") were popular during the late-Victorian era through the early 1900s. Since Gypsy names are so worldly, it can be challenging to find the right ones. She collected alms for the poor and may have been a companion of the Three Marys, the first three women to witness Jesuss empty tomb. Its a form of the Spanish name Cruz, referring to the cross of the crucifixion. The first thing you will notice is that this group of names is very diverse and includes Irish and Romani options, allowing you more gypsy names to choose from. Wed be envious of this adorable gypsy name, too! Surnames are not conclusive evidence of Romany heritage, as many of them were also generally common ones, including Young, Taylor, Smith (a translation of the Romany for 'horseshoe maker,' Petulengro ), Shaw/Shore, Lea/Lea/Leigh, Gray/Grey, Draper, Cooper and Boswell. It comes from the Hebrew name Peninnah. Sampson hasnt been in the U.S. top 1,000 since the late 1800s, making it an appealing choice for vintage boys name enthusiasts. Its a translation of the name Salud. If youre looking for a Romani-Christian name that isnt as basic as John or Mark, Iza could be a keeper. Golipen means health in Calo. Their usage peaked modestly in 1998 with 0.128% of baby girls being given Gypsy names. 'Perceived as people without roots and without honesty', Cressy reminds us that the Gypsies were seen as 'a danger to society, an affront to the state, and offensive to God'. Surnames are not conclusive evidence of Romany heritage, as many of them were also generally common ones, including Young, Taylor, Smith (a translation of the Romany for horseshoe maker, Petulengro), Shaw/Shore, Lea/Lea/Leigh, Gray/Grey, Draper, Cooper and Boswell. Peanna is a female gypsy name that means pearl or precious stone. In Romani, Djilia means song. Otto is an old-timey name recently revitalized in Scandinavia, England, and Wales. Teeannie was totally unknown to me. Vicente is popular in Europe, South America, and North America, so your little nomad will be warmly accepted wherever his path takes him. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When I learned Lemantina is simply a Romani take on the name Clementina, or Clementine, I was probably more surprised than I should have been! A well-known bearer was Macedonian singer Esma Redzepova-Teodosievsk, nicknamed the Queen of the Gypsies for her contributions to Romani culture. It means divine intervention, or divine care. ESMERALDA: Spanish name meaning "emerald." Victor Hugo gave his gypsy heroine this name in his novel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame . Or, secondly, the last name Begon itself can refer to a religious sect from the 1300s. Many etymologists believe it comes from the Irish Gaelic siulta, meaning moving, as in being emotionally moved by something. Romica hails from Croatia as a diminutive of the masculine Roman or the feminine Romana and Romina. Ocan means sun in Calo (a language spoken by Spanish and Portuguese Romani). The word, while sometimes positively embraced by Romani persons, is also sometimes rejected by other Romani persons as offensive due to it being tainted by its use as a racial slur and a pejorative connotation implying illegality and irregularity,[22][23][24][25][26][27][28] and some modern dictionaries either recommend avoiding use of the word gypsy entirely or give it a negative or warning label. This Old Testament pick has been prevalent in the Romany Gypsy community for years. Boban is either a diminutive of the Serbian/Macedonian Bogdan (given by God) or Slobodan (freedom). Choosing Bartholoways could be a great way to honor your Romani heritage and Christian faith. Robert Dawson, Gypsy expert, holds a list of nearly every Gypsy surname in the country. They have evolved greatly since then. We've put together the ultimate list of gypsy names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral options with Irish and Romani origins and meanings. Family Education is part of the Sandbox Learning family of educational reference sites for parents, teachers, and students. In the U.S., Romica could be an exciting alternative for retro Monica. Zoltan is likely derived from Sultan a title for sovereign rulers in Muslim countries. She's written on a plethora of topics and enjoys the diversity of her work. In this group we'd put Ida, Alice, Clara, Florence, and Mabel for girls; Arthur, Ezra, Louis, and Oscar for boys. A prominent bearer was Alfonso Arias, a Mexican-Romani writer who publicly denounced government corruption and human rights violations against the Romani and other ethnic minorities in Mexico. Perhaps your little Yul will take after his namesake, becoming the next big Romani star! Constine and Constina are forms of Constance, which means constant, steadfast. They originated from the Hindi word Kashmir, which is a region between India, China, and Pakistan. [44][45], "Gipsies" of Romany origins have been a recognised ethnic group for the purposes of Race Relations Act 1976 since Commission for Racial Equality v Dutton 1989, as have Irish Travellers in England and Wales since O'Leary v Allied Domecq 2000 (having already gained recognition in Northern Ireland in 1997).[44][45][46]. Its associated with Boban Markovic, a Romani trumpet player whos the brass ensemble leader for the town of Vladiin Han in Serbia. Drafi might be a great choice for a family that loves music. The name also has biblical ties, born by a companion of Saint Paul in the New Testament. Many of these records go back further than that, but only some 6.5 percent church registers in England commence at the earliest date of 1538. In addition to the Romani people, Scandinavians use Allis, a variation of Alice. Silvanus is a mythical choice among our male gypsy names, associated with a Roman god of forests, trees, and cattle. 2. Many Roma peoples living in France came from Bohemia a historical region located in the present-day Czech Republic. In Romanian and Romani, Curca means turkey-hen. In Spanish, the equivalent name is Candelaria. The female Gypsy names Dorelia and Derelia are elaborate forms of Dora. The meaning of Edingale is unknown but it may be a combination of Eden and angel. Vasil still has a natural, earthy vibe but is less apparent than naming your son directly after the green, leafy herb. Drafis elegance, distinctiveness, and ease of pronunciation could add to its appeal. This is the term they use to refer to the Virgin Mary. Information on our advertising guidelines can be found. It is believed that the Romani gypsies in the Middle Ages were actually Egyptian. This page has been viewed 85,348 times (128 via redirect). The name Victoria, meaning "conqueror" in Latin, was popular in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Other Romanichal and Irish . Theater fans may recognize Idalia as the protagonist in Polish writer Juliusz Slowackis famous play, Fantazy. Ships from Lansdale, PA. You might possibly be familiar with the traditional Irish name that it comes from Tierney. Flowery and elegant, Begonia is the name of a flowering plant found in tropical climates in Central America, Africa, and Asia. 100 Victorian Boy Names and Meanings. Livia comes from the Latin liveo (to envy) or lividus (blue, envious). Its most famous bearer was Bireli Lagrene, a Romani-raised French jazz guitarist often likened to renowned musician Django Reinhardt. The name and word Cashmere come from the fabric of the same name. It comes from the Spanish name Adoracion. Show your son how proud you are of your heritage by naming him Romani. Cinderella is a famous fairy tale about a sweet-natured girl who is tormented by her evil stepmother and stepsisters before winning the love of a prince. Iza is also the Romani form of Issac a Hebrew name from Yitzchaq (he will laugh, he will rejoice). The Calo name Gives means snows. After this, Damian became a popular given name in Europe and in the Romani Christian community. [38], During the 16th and 17th centuries, the name was written in various ways: Egipcian, Egypcian, 'gypcian. Some Romani names follow traditional theological virtues and would make intriguing goddess names: Common Romani last names include Cooper, Smith, Lee, Doe, Wood, and Young. A popular choice among our Romany gypsy names, August has been a top choice in Denmark, Sweden, and the U.S. for decades. Bohemia Please enter a valid Last Name. Socit en Commandite par Actions Registered Office: 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449 . Continuing with Calo names, Pajabi is the Calo form of Thekla, meaning glory of God in Greek. They are not to be confused with the Irish travelers another nomadic people originating in Ireland and Britain. Professor take on roles of Romani activist and spokesperson to improve plight of their ethnic group", "Tackling inequalities faced by Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities", "PERSPECTIVES The Struggle for the Control of Identity", Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 (c.62), Challenging Gypsy planning policies occasional discussion paper number 1, Human Rights as a Perspective on Entitlements: The Debate over 'Gypsy Fairs' in England, "Metal-workers, agriculturists, acrobats, military-people and fortune-tellers: Roma (Gypsies) in and around the Byzantine empire", "ijito - Orotariko Euskal Hiztegia bilaketa", "ijito - Harluxet Hiztegi Entziklopedikoa", "buhame - Orotariko Euskal Hiztegia bilaketa", "buhame - Harluxet Hiztegi Entziklopedikoa", Romani words for Romanies and non-Romanies, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Names_of_the_Romani_people&oldid=1148872550, This page was last edited on 8 April 2023, at 20:34. Looking for more baby names and inspiration? Treju means cross in the Calo language.

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