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Being aware of some common problems can help you to avoid matters getting out of hand. Read our most recent consultation responses, briefings, research and policy blog. 6.2 Any appeal must be made within 28 days of the date of the decision or assessment. 1.16 The duty of confidentiality may be waived in circumstances where the disclosure is considered to be in the wider public interest e.g. 1.31 Applicants suitable for ADAPT will be identified from appropriate medical evidence on the application form for housing. It is satisfied that the applicant (or a member of his/her household) is guilty of unacceptable behaviour serious enough to make them unsuitable to be a tenant; and that the applicant's circumstances and behaviour at the time of their application have not changed and improved since the unacceptable behaviour occurred. Once the authority has decided you can join the waiting list, it will write to let you know and which band you're in. 5.27 Where a tenant is under occupying Council or Housing Association accommodation, the Council may allow them to register for accommodation that would result in under occupation. For queries about your identity check, email 2.28 The household will be registered for areas of their choice and may receive a further 3 offers of accommodation in accordance with this Allocations Policy (see 5.3 below), Applicationsfrom employees of the Council. 1.27 The Strategy aims to assist people who are ready to move-on to their own accommodation, from temporary or supported accommodation by finding appropriate accommodation and support. The first step is completing an application to join Swansea Council'shousing register. NI 21018 Copyright 2022. In all cases, council and housing association properties will go to people most in need, but the authority cannot offer council or housing association accommodation to everyone who applies. Once complete and submitted, your application will be reviewed by a council officer to validate the information provided. 1.15 Applicants and tenants are entitled to see any information that the Council holds on them, except information provided in confidence by a third party or confidential information regarding a member of their family. If the property has had major adaptations (see Appendix 1) during the last 2 years, points will be reduced to 0 unless there has been a considerable change in circumstances which makes their current home unsuitable. Special considerations can also be made such as for those with families or the elderly. We may ask you to send supporting information or other evidence and we may need to visit your accommodation to confirm your circumstances. Cardiff Council decides who can join its housing waiting list via the The Cardiff Housing Allocation Scheme. 1.32 Under the ADAPT scheme, the Council will identify properties that are wheelchair accessible, or have received high level adaptations. The applicants need to live in a specific location. If you are accepted onto the waiting list, the council will look at your housing needs, and whether you have a "local connection" to Cardiff, to decide which band you will join. The points system . Emergency Notice or Order which is used for a very serious hazard. All applications must be made through the Monmouthshire Homesearch website, where there is an animated guide to help you with the process of applying, which will take you between 30 minutes and an hour., Call 0800 587 2750 Further offers of accommodation may be made outside an applicants preferred area of choice where it appears to the council that the size and type of accommodation is suitable. Applicants will need to make their request for information in writing, and there may be a charge to reflect any additional work involved in providing this information. 6.3 All appeals must be in person or in writing to the Service Manager, Housing Options, 17 High Street, Swansea SA1 1LF outlining the reasons for requesting the review. Members get access to events, online information and discounted training. Neath Port Talbot council is no longer a social landlord and does not own any council houses, flats or sheltered housing accommodation. Electric vehicle charge points installed in 12council car parks serving 32recharging bays, with 40chargepoints in a further 12carparks and 3community hubs being installed during 2022 All our. if a household has been accepted as priority need and unintentionally homeless) then that household will be awarded housing need points in accordance with this policy, will be registered for suitable property types and will be provided with a reasonable choice of areas. Children under the age of 16 of the same sex will be able to share a bedroom. How the Council will prioritise tenant transfers. Where the applicant or tenant can demonstrate particularly urgent social circumstances that require an urgent response from the Council which would be eased by rehousing. Persons from abroad who are subject to immigration control within the meaning of the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996 and prescribed by the National Assembly of Wales as not eligible for an allocation or who do not satisfy habitual resident requirements as detailed in the Code of Guidance on allocations and homelessness, Applicants, or members of their household included in their application, whose unacceptable behaviour is serious enough to make him/her unsuitable to be a tenant. We also may change the frequency you receive our emails from us in order to keep you up to date and give you the best relevant information possible. 3.0 The Council can not allocate housing to anyone (or jointly with someone) who is not an eligible person. This is often called the housing selection scheme. OR. 5.28 Where an eligible applicant or tenant accepts an offer of accommodation, an offer of an unconditional secure tenancy will be made except in the instances listed below: 5.29 Where the Council is able to demonstrate that an allocation to the highest pointed household would have a detrimental effect on the area where the vacancy exists, the property may be allocated to the next highest pointed household on the waiting list. You should therefore also consider renting in the private sectionas an option. The cost of purchasing suitable sheltered housing in the private sector will be determined on a case by case basis by assessing the housing market at the time of application. Officials said that basically means applicants can see which properties are available for rent and can choose whether to express an interest in them. The local authority partners with five housing associations and all affordable social rented accommodation is advertised and and allocated through the Homesearch scheme. 1.5 The policy seeks to ensure that reasonable preference is given to those tenants and applicants in the greatest housing need and to help applicants and tenants to be housed or rehoused in an area of their choice, as far as is reasonably possible. The Homes4U catalogue brings together homes from the council and several housing associations - meaning that they are all in one place. Applicants and tenants will be registered for a property type and size in accordance with Section 5 of this policy. Band F is for people who do not have a local connection to Cardiff and have no housing need. The council is continuing its roll-out of Swansea Standard homes, which generate a portion of the energy they use. For queries about the High Street Spend Local Scheme, 2.19 Applicants subject to Multi Agency Public Protection Panel arrangements or witness protection programmes may be exempt from a no local connection points reduction. You can follow the link provided here to tailor your experience, or accept all and continue on this page. You can get points if you do not have enough bedrooms for everyone in your household. Officials said it also focuses on people's choices rather than points and to apply for homes in the specific area they wish to live by opening up more choices. 2.24 The Council operates an 'Equitable Tenancy' scheme which, in certain circumstances, allows people aged 16 and 17 to be housed with the Council. He or she is, or was in the past, normally resident there, and that residence was of his or her own choice (residence is defined as "at least 6 months out of the previous 12 months or for not less than 3 years during the previous 5 year period"). Such a transfer would be subject to the provisions in 5.10 and 5.11. You can get points for things like: You get 70 points if you pass the Housing Executives homelessness assessment (also called an investigation). So, to try and make it easier, we've taken a look at different local authorities in Wales and what people need to do to apply for a council house. Your adviser will be as realistic as possible with you and provide you with other housing options including how we can help you stay where you are and renting from a private landlord. You will be contacted by the appropriate area housing office if they are able to offer you permanent accommodation. As always you can unsubscribe at any time. Our advisers can help explain which points you can get and why. You can update your cookie preferences in Cookie Settings. You can get points if you do not have enough bedrooms for everyone in your household. 5.14 The Council will decide, after taking into account the household size, age, composition and circumstances, the size and type of accommodation that the applicant or tenant will be registered for. 5.4 On reapplication, applications will be valid from the date of receipt of the new application. 1.28 The Council will award housing needs points to applicants accepted onto the Move-On Strategy in accordance with this policy. You can get points if you share a home with other people who will not be moving with you. Applications from households with no local connection to the City and County of Swansea. It will act as a model from which a bigger 505 million Swansea Bay City Deal Homes as Power Stations (HAPS) project can work. Find out how much notice to give and when you need to go to court. You can contact your housing officer to check roughly how many points you need for homes in your area. For queries or advice about employment rights, contact the Labour Relations Agency. major repair programmes, to meet strategic priorities or following disaster or emergency. 1.39 In these cases, the Council reserves the right to withdraw suitable properties from the allocation scheme. Downsizing from house to flat (or downsizing to any other property type the applicant is entitled to under this policy). The Council will nominate a shortlist of the highest placed applicants and tenants from appropriate waiting lists. Image: Jason Hedges/DC Thomson. The Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) states that all homes should reach the standard by 2021. Homes4D&G points system will award points to waiting list and transfer applicants based on your living arrangements and circumstances as appropriate. You'll need to register online to be able to bid for housing. The following persons are not, for the purpose of this policy, considered as eligible for Council housing or for nomination to a Housing Association: 3.1 In accordance with the Homelessness Act 2002, the Council will only deem an applicant not eligible for an allocation on the grounds of unacceptable behaviour if, at the time of application: 3.2 Applicants, or members of their household included in the application, whose unacceptable behaviour is serious enough to make him/her unsuitable to be a tenant will be excluded for a reasonable period proportional to the behaviour. It ensures that people with the greatest needs come first and applicants have a choice about where they want to live. You'll be asked a few questions about your circumstances and added to the register, if appropriate. There is also a handy Housing Solutions Guide on the council's website which allows you to explore other options that might be available to you including shared ownership and sheltered housing, based on your circumstances. Swansea is among 11 out of 22 authorities in Wales which still owns its council houses and has until December 31 this year to bring them up to the Welsh Quality Housing Standard (WQHS). Section 4D - Housing Benefit shortfall points. Where an individual has overnight contact or custody of a child/children for 3 nights per week (but less than 50% of the week). To find out if you are eligible for housing you need to call the council on 01554 899 389. You'll receive your points total in writing. For queries or advice about Child Maintenance, contact the Child Maintenance Service. You will be awarded housing need points depending on your housing circumstances based on things likeovercrowding, medical circumstances etc. with the City & County of Swansea? The authority may ask you to send supporting information or other evidence and may need to visit your accommodation to confirm your circumstances. 2.20 The Council will ensure that an assessment of support needs is undertaken as part of the assessment of housing circumstances and if appropriate a referral for tenancy support services is made. They will be able to provide you with your approximate position on the housing needs register and advise you whether you are in the top 10 or 20 etc. paper, compact disk, e-mail messages, and reports. This can be done over the telephone with ahousing optionsadviser or by using an online form. The maximum is 30 points. 4.0 Applicants and Tenants will be awarded housing need points where they are able to demonstrate that they meet the appropriate criteria in either their permanent or temporary home. He or she is employed there (i.e. 5.22 Tenants over the age of 60, under occupying accommodation in a flat or sheltered complex that is unsuitable for their needs on medical grounds will be allowed to register for a transfer to a property of a similar size (even if this means that they will continue to under-occupy), if a more suitable property becomes available in the same sheltered complex or block. For example: You can get points if you or someone in your household has mobility needs or requires care. 1.10 The Council will provide all reasonable assistance to applicants and tenants requiring assistance to complete the application form including translation services. The more points you have, the more quickly you should be offered a home. To apply for social housing in Powys you'll need to submit a housing application online on the Homes In Powys page. Renters' Voice want to make private renting better for everyone. 6.0 All tenants who have applied for a transfer or applicants who have applied for housing will have the right to appeal against decisions made by Officers of the Council with regard to their applications. The council will ask you about where you live now, who else lives with you, and whether you have any particular housing needs. Complete an application to join our housing needs register. The arrangements are different depending on where you live, Get the latest property stories from Wales straight to your inbox. Comments or queries about the Blue Badge scheme can be emailed to or you can also call 0300 200 7818. If this offer is refused then the Council will have discharged its duty. For example, you are living with a family member while you wait for a home. Please take a second to tell us why so we can keep improving our service Housing Rights has been helping people in Northern Ireland deal with housing and homelessness problems since 1964. 5.32 Retiring employees in tied accommodation who have been in post pre 6th November 1992 will be offered accommodation in line with their existing accommodation. Sometimes there's a set amount of housing for each band. Depending on where people want to live, they need to apply to one, two, three or all four landlords, completing up to four applications and making follow-up enquiries with . You will not receive a reply. 1.35 The Council will provide incentives to support mutual exchange requests. Band E is for people who have a local connection to Cardiff but have no housing need. We are so happy you found the information you need! Swansea is one of the only local authorities in Wales without a common housing register. 2.3 All eligible households will be assessed in accordance with the Council's housing need points system outlined in Section 4 of this policy. After filling in a Social Housing Application form you'll be given log in details to be able to apply for housing. 1.6 This Policy supports and compliments other Strategies and Policies including the Local Housing Strategy, Homelessness Strategy, Older Persons Strategies, Affordable Housing Policy, Anti-Social Behaviour Guidance, Tenancy Management Policy and the Empty Properties Strategy. The. Points are awarded on a cumulative basis unless stated otherwise. The council hopes the changes . 2.16 Applications from households who have no Local Connection with the City and County of Swansea area will be accepted onto the Council waiting list (provided the household contains eligible persons as set out at 3.0 below), but will normally have their housing need points reduced to 0. The more points you have, the higher you are on the waiting list to get a home from the Housing Executive or a housing association. Your position on the waiting list is based on the points you get under four main categories: intimidation - points may be awarded if you are at serious and imminent risk, and require immediate rehousing; insecurity of tenure - if you are homeless or threatened with homelessness - the level of points depends on the duty owed We aim to provide quality, affordable housing to people who need somewhere to live because they have no home or their current housing no longer suits their needs. We will write to you to tell you whether you have been added to our housing needs register, your housing need points and the type of property that you have been registered for, including the areas you have chosen. There people are able to view and "bid" on homes - although the bidding it doesn't involve any money. An applicant and his/her spouse/partner will only be treated as having income large enough to secure a mortgage if they have income that would enable them to secure a mortgage on a average priced property on a 3 x total income basis. Points will be awarded if an applicant's medical circumstances are made worse by their current housing circumstances and would be improved by a move to more suitable, alternative accommodation, Applicants and tenants will be entitled to either a general award of 50 points or 150 points for a severe medical need. Comprehensive information on housing law in practice in Northern Ireland. 1.20 Personal data requests by the applicant or tenant are exempt from the disclosure provisions of the FOIA 2000 and are instead dealt with under the Data Protection Act 1998. You get points for different needs and situations. Applications from people experiencing domestic abuse. par | Avr 28, 2023 | how did gloria charles died | horseheads town court | Avr 28, 2023 | how did gloria charles died | horseheads town court In a banding system, the council or housing association puts you in a priority group, called a band, based on your housing needs. 1.19 Some information is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA 2000).Certain data will be absolutely exempt while other information will be withheld or released subject to a qualified decision whether the public interest is best served by withholding or releasing the information requested. Lever taps Repositioning of sockets Handrails, Mountcastle silent bell Painting edge of steps Low level bath, Canada thresholds Widen door frames Shower seats Over bath shower Stairlift, Structural alterations Hoists and tracking Medi bath. You can follow the link provided here to tailor your experience, or accept all and continue on this page. For queries or advice about Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs), including parking tickets and bus lane PCNs, Call our helpline or chat to an adviser online. Housing is a devolved issue which means that the Welsh Government is responsible for this issue in Wales. severe violence / harassment from outside of the home. 5.33 Some areas may be designated as 'readily available' if one or more of the following criteria are met: 5.34 If a property in a Readily Available area has been refused on 3 occasions, the property may be let on a 'First Come' basis and also to under occupy if required, 5.34 If a property is not located in a Readily Available area but has been refused on 5 occasions, the property may be let on a 'First Come' basis and also to under occupy if required, Section 6:Appeals, Reviews and Complaints. Anyone can apply for social rented housing, but you must be called as being in "housing need" to be added to the register. The area has a high turnover of properties. Every donation no matter how big or small makes a difference. If this offer is refused then the Council will have discharged its duty. The household will be registered for areas of their choice and may receive a further 3 'reasonable' offers of accommodation in accordance with this Allocations Policy. large print, audio tape/CD and/or Braille. 2.29 Employees of the Council are entitled to apply for housing however any offer of accommodation will be subject to approval by the Head of Housing. People with no internet access can call01443 425678. Our performance; Apply online . You get two more points for every extra year you are on the list, up to 10 points. Disabled Adaptations where the applicant is a social housing tenant or has received a Local Authority grant. Children of different sexes will be able to share a bedroom until one of them reaches the age of 10. 20 points for each facility lacking or defective up to a maximum of 60 points. The assessment will also consider the following factors: 4.1 The Council will award housing need points based on the information provided on the application form for housing. 2.14 The Council reserves the right to refuse or cancel any application, which it considers to be based on false or misleading information. They should also be able to tell you your approximate position on the list. Home Options Newport is the council-run site for allocating social housing in the Newport City Council area., Call 0800 587 0912Email, Contact your local Jobs & Benefits office. Apply for council housing One reasonable offer of accommodation will be made based on the information gathered as part of the housing assessment. Swansea Home Residents Housing Find a home Council housing and tenancy information Council housing Find out more about council housing and apply online. You get 10 points for each problem the council recognizes. Where in the opinion of the Council it would be beneficial to acquire a particular property (for example ground floor, adapted, or family sized accommodation), and the transferring tenant is happy to move to an alternative property which they are entitled to under this Policy (eg smaller, lower demand, non-adapted), points can be awarded under this category. This means that we may include adverts from us and third parties based on our knowledge of you. Should this happen, points will be reduced in accordance with this policy. under-occupying a council or housing association property which is no longer affordable because of the new housing benefit rules (known as the "bedroom tax"). Once the authority has all the information it needs about your application, it will decide whether you can join the waiting list, and write to you to let you know the decision. If you still do not have enough points for a home, you can: Being on the waiting list can be hard. To get these points, you may need to show that: You can get 20 points if you or someone in your household needs a lot of health support and your: You can get up to 40 points for urgent needs such as leaving a home where you experienced trauma. 2 points per year for a maximum of five years: Up to 10 points, Homeless or threatened with homelessness: 70 points, In interim accommodation longer than 6 months: 20 points, Each bedroom short of criteria: 10 points, Dampness prejudicial to health: 10 points, Inadequate provision for lighting, heating and ventilation: 10 points, Inadequate supply of wholesome water: 10 points, Unsatisfactory facilities for preparation and cooking of food (such as a sink with a satisfactory supply of hot and cold water): 10 points, No suitably located WC for the exclusive use of the occupants (not awarded if due to mobility issues): 10 points, No suitably located fixed bath/shower, with satisfactory supply of hot and cold water for exclusive use of occupants: 10 points, Functionality - points awarded if you need assistance or have difficulty with walking, stairs, steps, etc. Wash hand basin with supply of hot and cold water, Kitchen sink with supply of hot and cold water A supply of both electricity and gas, An adequate heating system Adequate drainage, Adequate provision for ventilation/lighting Where there is serious dampness. You will be awarded housing need points depending on your circumstances - which can include factors such as overcrowding and medical circumstances. We assist Council and Housing Association Tenants who live in properties that have unfixed. 5.16 All families with children aged below 16 years who live with them for at least 50% of the time will, where there is confirmation, be registered for houses or flats. 4.2 The Council may request supporting information or evidence before finalising an assessment. Find out how to set a fair rent, deal with arrears and manage rates. if you do not pass the investigation, you can still get 50 points if: you do not have housing for certain reasons, and, the Housing Executive cant expect you to find your own housing, you cannot stay in your home because it is unsuitable or someone asked you to leave, you may be killed or injured in an attack, the police, or similar agency confirms the threat, and, the threat is against you for a specific reason or because you are part of a certain group, the Housing Executive gave you temporary housing, and, youve been in temporary housing for six months or more.

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